Principal Investigator: 


Hugh MacIsaac


PhD Students:

Jinmei Zi- The effect of cyanobacteria exudates in exponential growth phase on endangered fish species

Wenwen Cai: Sensitivity differencess among native and invasive fishes to cyanobacterial stress (Yunnan University)

​MSc Students:

Justin Barker- Determination and application of the optimal species distribution model for arthropod vectors

Kai Zhang - Detection of endangered fish in Plateau lakes, China, using eDNA 

Keira Harshaw - Molecular toxicity of Microcystis exudates to Great Lakes' fishes.

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Dylan Xia - Hydrodynamic mixing and filtering effects of invasive mussels

Johanna Bradie-Simpkins - Colonization Pressure in invasion ecology

BSc thesis students:

Sara Ibrahim - Review of Assisted Colonization

University of Windsor