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Student Supervision

Graduate Supervision:

Justin Barker, MSc (2017- current): Models spread of invasive species

Kai Zhang, MSc (2017- current); Molecular detection of endangered fish in China

Emma DeRoy, MSc (2016-current): comparative functional responses in lionfish

Joshua Finn, MSc (2015- current): RNA vs. DNA early detection of grass carp

Dylan Xia, PhD (2014-current): invasive species in China

Sharon Yong, MSc (2015-2017):  Early detection of zebra mussels during an invasion

Ryan Scott, PhD (2014-current): Protocols for screening artifacts in high-throughput sequencing data (Co-supervisor with Robin Gras)

Samir Qureshi, MSc (2014-2017): Molecular characterization of benthic riverine communities

Marco Hernandez, PhD (2010-2017): Simultaneous multiple treatments for ballast water risk reduction

Keara Stanislawczyk, MSc (2014-2016): Validation of molecular detection of rare plankton species

Danny B. O'Neill, PhD (2011-2015): Assessing impact of aquatic invasive species using functional response curves. (supervised by Jaimie Dick, Queen's University Belfast; co-supervised by Hugh MacIsaac and Tony Ricciardi).

Ryan Scott, MSc (2014-2015): Protocols for screening artifacts in high-throughput sequencing data (Co-supervisor with Robin Gras)

Farrah Chan, PhD (2008-2014): Ship-mediated arctic marine invasions (co-supervisor: S.A. Bailey)

Boris Beric, MSc (2011-2014): Meta-analysis of global aquatic rapid response programs for alien invasive species.

Sara Ghabooli, PhD (2008-2014): Genetic detection of invasive species

Amanda Eyraud, MSc (2011-2013): Alien invasive plants in the Great Lakes.

Remi Abisola, MSc (2009-2012): Invasive species in the St. Lawrence River.

Tony Wang, MSc (2008-2011): in situ tests of salt water tolerance (co-supervisor: S. Bailey)

Elizabeta Briski, PhD (2006-2011): Comparative ballast-mediated invasions

Johanna Bradie, MSc (2007-2009): Ballast water treatment (co-supervisor: S. Bailey)

Michael Jacobs, MSc (2006-2008): Modeling invasion of fanwort in Ontario

Sandra Ellis, MSc (2005-2007): Salinity tolerance of invertebrates

Jim Muirhead, PhD (2002-2007): Models of species dispersal to inland lakes

Derek Gray, MSc (2004-2007): Efficacy of ballast water exchange

Sarah Bailey, PhD (2000-2005): Ships’ residual ballast as invasion vector

Robert Colautti, MSc (2001-2004): Genetic surveys of invading waterfleas in Ontario (co-supervisor, D. Heath)

Julianna Borbely, MSc (2000-2001); Modeling Bythotrephes invasions

Kerry McPhedran, MSc (1999-2001); Cercopagis pengoi predation of zooplankton

Colin van Overdijk, MSc (1998-2000); Interactions between invasive amphipods

Andrew Bially, MSc (1995-1998); Island biogeography of introduced mussels

Susan Roe, MSc (1994-1996); Organic contaminants in zebra mussels

Robert Coulas, MSc (1994-1996); Fish predation on Bythotrephes

Edward Mazak, MSc (1993-1995); Contaminants in ducks that exploit zebra mussels.


Visiting Students (funded by Canada-Latin America Transfer Fund):

Pablo Perepelizin, PhD student at University of Buenos Aires, March-August 2010. Topic: Mitochondrial and microsatellite analysis of golden mussels from South America.

Esteban Paolucci, PhD student at University of Buenos Aires, March-August 2010. Topic: Gill ultrastructure of golden mussels from South America.

Marco Meloni, BSc student, at University of Buenos Aires, September 2012 - February 2013. Topic: hull fouling of vessels bound for the Arctic.

Postdoctoral Fellow Supervision:

Mattias Johannsson (2015-2017): Developing and validating molecular early detection protocols for invasive species.

Steve Crookes (2014-2016): Does enhanced invasive species performance have a genetic basis? (Co-supervised with Daniel Heath)

Emily Brown (2013-2016): Next generation sequencing to detect alien species (Co-supervised with Melania Cristescu)

Martin Hulak (2012; deceased): Biological assessments of Canadian ports using next-generation sequencing (Co-supervisor with Melania Cristescu)

Esteban Paolucci (2011-2013): ballast water treatment technology assessment

Aibin Zhan (2009-2012): evolution of invasive species (Co-supervisor with Melania Cristescu)

Francisco Sylvester (2007-2010): Hull-mediated species invasions

Chad Harvey (2007-2009): Invasions and ecosystem topology

Christophe Lejeunse (2007-2008): Genetics of invaders (Co-supervisor, Melania Cristescu)

Susan Gordon (2006-2007): DNA barcoding of invasive crustaceans (Co-supervisor, Dan Heath)

Sarah Bailey (2005-2006), Canadian Aquatic Invasive Species Network development

Leif-Matthias Herborg (2004-2006), Stage-based modeling of invasions

David Kelly, GLIER postdoctoral fellow, (2003-2006), Genetic attributes of NIS

Helene Limen (2003-2004): Amphipod feeding in the Great Lakes

Nandakumar Kanavillil (2003 – 2004): resting stages and ballast water invasions

Marjorie Wonham, NSERC postdoctoral fellow (2002- 2004); modeling invasions (Co-supervisor, Mark Lewis)

Ian Duggan (2002 – 2004); Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay invasions

Igor Grigorovich, Research Associate (1997- 2003): Ponto-Caspian invaders

Tom Therriault, NSERC postdoctoral fellow (2001 – 2002); genetics of invaders

Yves Couillard GLIER Postdoctoral Fellow (1993-1995): contaminants in zebra mussels (Co-supervisor with Dr. Doug Haffner and Dr. Jan Ciborowski).


Undergraduate Thesis Supervision (*=published thesis study):

Tedi Hoxa, 2017-2018: Molecular ecology of invasive beetles

Emma DeRoy*, 2014-2016: Ballast water spreading lionship?

Joshua Finn, 2013-2014: Plankton community composition in cyanobacteria blooms

Vishal Vara, 2011-2012: Identifying errors in pyrosequencing data

Odion Kalaci*, 2010: Temporal dynamics of hull-fouling communities (NSERC supported)

Eric Fifield, 2010-2011: Regional spread of invasive species (NSERC supported)

Rahel Tedla*, 2008-2009: Historical growth of invasion ecology

James Valiant, 2008-2009: Detecting incipient invasions of invasive waterfleas

Samir Qureshi*, 2007-2008: How rare is rare? Finding newly established NIS. 

Mike Rup*, 2007-2008: Tracking ballasting discharges of ‘lakers’ on the Great Lakes

Ashley Steinberg*, 2006-2007: Viability of desiccated diapausing zooplankton eggs

Michael Jacobs*, 2005-2006: Dispersal of zooplankton on fishing lines

Derek Gray*, 2002-2003: Saltwater exposure: a cure to ballast-mediated invasions?

Nathalie Bergeron*, 2002-2003: The pet trade as vector of NIS to the Great Lakes

Corrine Rixon*, 2002-2003: Live human fish stores as vector of NIS to the Great Lakes

Rob Colautti*, 2000-2001: Ship traffic and Great Lakes invasion patterns

Carolyn Matkovich*, 1999-2000: Waterfowl as zooplankton dispersers?

John Sencaj, 1999-2000: Diet of lake sturgeon in Lake St. Clair

Tracy Mabee*, 1998-1999: Exotic amphipod competition in the Great Lakes

Joe Lozon*, 1996-1997: Does disturbance facilitate invasions?

Sandra Parker, 1995-1996: Spawning in zebra mussels

Rahim Kassan, 1994-1995: biogeography of Dreissena patches

Chris Lonnee*, 1993-1994: Zebra mussel predation on zooplankton

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